Microdermabrasion Certificate Course


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Microdermabrasion Advanced Training for Estheticians
Certificate 15-Hour Course

Microdermabrasion exfoliates dead skin, diminishes sun damage, pigmentation, open and closed comedones, fine lines and wrinkles, and coarse textured skin.

Watch the video about Bio-Brasion TRINITY here.

Course Offering Includes:

  • Definition and Types of Exfoliation
  • Introduction to Microdermabrasion
  • State Regulation and Scope of Practice
  • Review FDA’s Role in the Classification of Machines
  • Review Standard Safety Precautions
  • Chemistry of Skin as it Relates to Microdermabrasion
  • Client Medical History, Consultation, and Skin Evaluation
  • Contraindications to Treatment
  • Pre-Treatment Protocol
  • Microdermabrasion Treatment Protocol (includes demonstration)
  • Post Treatment Protocol
  • Recommended Home Care
  • Client Follow-up
  • Review: Questions and Answers
  • Hands-on Practice of Microdermabrasion Procedure

Investment: $350.00
Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $100.00
Total Tuition: Only $450.00

Upon completion student receives a Certificate. All classes/courses NYSED approved.

Recent Testimonials and Applause for This Course

Ms. S was an exceptional instructor in both aspects of theory and practical.  In understanding the concepts thoroughly, we were able to effectively utilize the information and apply it to our practical skills for our client.

Leann Allen
Microdermabrasion Class Graduate
January 2017

It was an amazing class with an experienced and intelligent instructor.  We received a lot of information and knowledge in just two days!  It was such a positive experience and I am so happy I was able to take the course and improve my skills as an esthetician.

Maria Weidmann
Microdermabrasion Class Graduate
January 2017

Taking this course I found that it is important to understand and address the client’s expectations and important to do a thorough client intake. Microdermabrasion is a wonderful mechanical exfoliating method.  This course has helped me better assess different skin types and become more aware, as well as mindful about different skin disorders.  Ms. S. is full of knowledge and a skilled professional.  I feel so lucky to have had her as a professor for this course.

Lia Lamela
Microdermabrasion Class Graduate

There are so many different treatment options (workshops) we can attend in this school that will help us become the best estheticians we can possibly be and instructors like Ms. S. and Ms. B. make all the difference. Ms. S. is great.  She is patient, kind, thorough and absolutely wonderful at teaching.  I will take any future courses she teaches.  She made everything clear to understand and the hands-on was amazing.  I’m very pleased!

Elizabeth Montanez
Microdermabrasion Class Graduate

Microdermabrasion really brightens up your skin!  I was hesitant at first taking this class but I understand how exfoliating your skin through Microdermabrasion does real wonders. Ms. S. was our instructor.  The “S” should stand for Super and Stupendous!  Ms. S. was very thorough with her course.  Strict but very understanding.  I guess she just wants us to be perfect and fabulous.  She encouraged us to strive in our performance and to do well. Thanks Ms. S.!

Jodelyn Castillo
Microdermabrasion Class Graduate

This Microdermabrasion course taught me how to be more gentle on clients. I was pleased with my decision in participating in this course with Ms. S.  Not only will I graduate with an advanced certificate but I will also have a better understanding of all of the different procedures that can be done in the skincare field.  I was really impressed with the results from the treatment and I recommend this class to anyone willing to pursue esthetics in a medical atmosphere.

Chelsea Colombo
Microdermabrasion Class Graduate

Taking this Microdermabrasion course has given me the idea to be confident and always to protect yourself and your client and that was the main focus.  Also, making a change in the client’s personal appearance because that is the main reason to get a Microdermabrasion treatment. Overall the class was amazing. Ms. S. was very clear for all of the things explained.  If you had a questions, she was more than happy to answer.  Excellent class.  Even for the 2 days, I feel like I’ve learned so much.

Sarah Cameron
Microdermabrasion Class Graduate

Other Testimonials from Students

“What I’ve learned from this Microdermabrasion course is cleanliness, be well-organized and have proper application of products using appropriate machines. This class was taught by Ms. S. who is well trained and she is very particular in using the proper methods and techniques which will make her students very successful in the beauty industry.”

“This course was well organized and detail oriented.  The instructor was very professional and attentive to every detail. The lecture was planned out very well by the instructor.  She had full acknowledge of the subject.  Her methods and techniques made the students feel very comfortable about the subject matter. Excellent instructor!”

“Some of the things that I’ve learned from this Microdermabrasion course is that you don’t want to scare your clients by using words such as hurt or burn. This class was very educational.  The teacher taught thoroughly.  We were guided with every step.  We were also educated in the classroom where we learned about microdermabrasion.  We were handed out packets and educated thoroughly.  I got the procedure done and I loved the results.”


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