Why I Chose Atelier Esthetique

Why do people choose Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics for their training and licensing? Here’s what they had to say when we asked them.

“I just received my license!! I have to say, my teachers at Atelier Esthetique prepared me very well for my exams. Although the exams were intense, I felt like I had Ms. Hanson, Ms. Tracey and Ms. Kyra in my head during my written exam. Ms. S is such an amazing instructor that my practical exam was a breeze. I went in extremely confident in my abilities. I couldn’t have made a better choice than Atelier Esthetique to prepare for my life long career as an Esthetician. Thank you Atelier Esthetique!” – Adriana Hernandez – Licensed Esthetician, Graduate October 2015

“I started my evening course on August 23, 2015. I’m so appreciative of the multiple teachers and their extensive knowledge that they have to offer. They are so informative and are excited to share with the students. Additionally, I felt so welcomed by the existing students and seniors, who were eager to share and assist—from making cotton and my helpless butterflies, to explaining the different machines and keeping us excited about our education. Mis B. said once that our education is our freedom and she encourages us to read outside the classroom and stay curious; Miss J. is understanding, patient, and so knowledgeable; Miss Ann has an amazing rapport with the students and she is a fountain of information and patience. I feel like this truly rounds out my education here and I’m excited for the remaining months ahead!” – Ainsley Bartholomew, Evening Class August 23, 2015

“As a recent graduate, I am proud to be a part of Atelier Esthetique Institute’s history. I learned so much and I feel the teachers were great. I am confident I will get a job soon and I know I will be successful in this industry. I was a full time student and I think the faculty and staff was excellent, helpful and friendly. We were allowed to use all products without restrictions. I disagree with a recent comment on this site. All supplies were part of the tuition. I know when a teacher reprimanded us; it was to make us think that we need to think like a spa owner or employer, and not waste valuable products and money. Ms. Hanson went out of her way to make the school look good and her students happy. – Flabia McGarty – Graduated August 10, 2015

Me gradué recientemente, y me siento orgullosa de formar parte de la historia de Atelier Esthetique Institute. Aprendí muchísimo y considero que los profesores son lo máximo. Me siento confiada de que trabajaré pronto en esta área y estoy segura de que seré exitosa en esta industria. Como estudiante de tiempo completo, pienso que los profesores y el personal son excelentes, serviciales y amigables. Nos permitieron usar todos los productos, sin restricciones. No estoy de acuerdo con el reciente comentario en esta página. Todos los productos que usamos son parte del monto pagado por el curso. Sé que cuando uno de los profesores nos reprime, es para prepararnos y hacernos sentir que debemos pensar como dueños de spa o como empleados de cualquier área de Estética, por lo que no debemos desperdiciar productos que cuestan dinero. La Sra. Hanson, propietaria de la Escuela, está pendiente del más mínimodetalle para hacer lo mejor por la escuela y porque sus estudiantes se sientan felices.” – Flabia McGarty –  Graduated August 10, 2015

“As I researched schools offering advanced training, I came across Atelier Esthetique Institute and once I did, I knew it was the right place for me.  On my first day, Ms. Hanson, the Owner, personally introduced herself to me and we spoke about my desire to open my own business. The teachers were wonderful and gave me their complete support and knowledge. I only wish I had taken my basic 600-Hour Course with them sooner. I know that every day I spend at Atelier Esthetique Institute taking an Advanced Course – I’m signed up for the International ITEC accreditation and the Spa Management Course – I will learn more than I could anywhere else. I could buy 1,000 books and still learn more from these amazing women.” – Nicole Giordano, Microcurrent Graduate, May 2015

“I have always been interested in skin care. I decided to take a break from my intensive studies at Swedish Institute so I can become dual licensed. My goal is to become a licensed Esthetician so I can get a job and pay back my student loans. ” – Christina Beauvais, February 2014

“When I told my friend and neighbor, who is a licensed esthetician that I was interested in this career path, she told me I had to go to Atelier Esthetique Institute! She said it was the best school! Eventually I want to go on and study nursing. I know Atelier will be the perfect stepping stone. ” – Maroulitsa Tsoronis, February 2014

“I am already a spa manager in New York City, so I knew this was my next move to build my career. My best friend in California also inspired me to follow this career path. She became a licensed esthetician a few years ago and hit it big with reality TV. I know I have a lot to learn, and I can’t wait!” – Aneesah Griffith, February 2014

“Three days before I enrolled at Atelier Esthetique Institute I was in Russia. I knew I wanted to come to this school based on everything I read about this school. When I came to visit the school, it exceeded my expectations. I have been a spa manager in Florida and New York. This is my passion.
Olga Iakovleva, February 2014

“After my very first facial I was hooked. My esthetician inspired me! I finished my sociology degree, but I knew I had to follow this dream. I researched the best schools in New York City and decided to leave my home and life in California and just dive right in. I couldn’t be happier!”
Elizabeth Geronimo, February 2014

“I did my research before I attended Atelier. I read many reviews and ultimately it was Ms. Hanson’s reputation that sold me. 29 years in this business is a huge deal! I could not be happier with my choice and I want to take advantage of this business and age gracefully.”
Brenda Hartung, February 2014

“I am a people person. I have always loved taking care of my friends and family. Plus, I am creative! I tried cosmetology school in South Carolina, but I realized my true passion was with esthetics. Now I am here in New York, excited and eager to start my new mission!
Dina Avishai, February 2014

“My passion is make-up. In my culture the women love to attend these extravagant parties. Everyone always came to me to make them look beautiful. My friend who owns her own eyebrow bar encouraged me to come to school. Why not make money doing what comes so naturally for me!
Ferida Vucetovic, February 2014


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